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Reservatic was nominated at Česká spořitelna startup of the year 2017

2017/11/15 15:44

We are proud to say that Reservatic was nominated at Česká spořitelna startup of the year 2017 competition....

Reservation / Booking system

2017/10/18 08:07

Not many years ago, we used to have mobile phones with large buttons. Nowadays, in a smartphone-centric wor...

Reservatic the finish before the actual start

2017/01/25 12:58

During the year and a half of my life has passed Reservatic long way. From an ordinary calendar formed with...

The technology used in the system Reservatic

2016/10/26 14:53

Since some of us technically proficient clients ask what technology we use in the project Reservatic, we br...

Ordering service using QR code

2016/10/20 14:42

Order using QR code Are you tired of long queues in the waiting area and would like to speed up the orde...

Public holidays functionality for Reservatic

2016/10/18 16:00

Reservatic system has launched new functionality - public holidays and rest day. Service providers using Re...

Safety in the first place

2016/10/05 15:12

Safety in the first place Reservatic treats safety as the most important factor. We care about security ...

Reservatic - global time management platform

2016/05/23 12:16

One frustrating thing that everyone has experienced at least once in their life We would like to give yo...

Waiting law

2016/05/17 15:04

If someone told you that there is a law imposing an obligation to wait, you would think that they gone comp...

Reservation heading to Silicon Valley (Santa Clara-USA)

2016/05/09 10:37

Reservaticu strategy is clear. Get as quickly as possible to the largest percentage of the market, in terms...

Reservatic in hospitals - pilot project

2016/05/05 11:24

The aim of the mobile application Reservatic is to create a modern, flexible system of reservation all type...

The birth of Reservatic

2016/04/27 15:55

The birth of Reservatic The idea of developing an interactive time management platform came out of nowhe...

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