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Reservatic benefits

Waiting room

Users book appointments with many professionals. However, to avoid unnecessary waste of time, many service providers introduce a waiting room feature. The waiting room allows users to book a day, but not a specific time. After the user chooses a day, he waits for confirmation from the provider, who, based on his preferences, schedules the time of a specific customer. This function is particularly advantageous for providers, who thus have a better overview of the workload and can thus better organize their schedules. At the same time, it allows users to secure the desired day without having to be online at a specific time, which is especially practical for those who do not have access to the Internet throughout the day. The waiting room feature has become increasingly popular recently and providers often offer it for free as part of their booking system. So if you're looking for a way to make organizing your bookings easier, don't hesitate to consider using this handy feature.

Technical support: telephone and e-mail

At our company, we strive to always be there for our customers and offer them quality technical support. You can contact us at any time by phone or email and we will do our best to resolve your questions and problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can rest assured that our technical support will always be available and willing to help you with any questions you may have about our services. Feel free to contact us and get the help you need from our expert team.

Open API

An open API also means we are open to collaboration with other companies and developers. We provide documentation to make it as easy as possible to connect our systems with other applications. Our open API also means we are flexible and open to innovation. We want our services to be as efficient and beneficial to our customers as possible. Using an open API can be very useful for businesses and organisations that want to use our services in combination with other applications and systems, for example, in combination with their own customer management system. Or they can use our information about available dates to sync with their own calendar.

Reservation of rooms, equipment

For many businesses, schools or organisations, booking rooms and equipment is a key part of their day-to-day operations. To facilitate this process, many of them use booking systems that make room and equipment management simple and efficient. As an added benefit, booking systems often also allow the booking of other equipment such as projection equipment, flipcharts or sports equipment. Users can thus be sure that they will have everything they need for a successful and comfortable meeting or work. With a booking system, the risk of a room or equipment being occupied when it is needed is minimised, saving time and money.

Satisfaction questionnaires

Service providers are interested in the satisfaction of their customers and their opinions on the services provided. One effective way to get feedback from users is through satisfaction questionnaires Providers can send questionnaires to users after they have completed a service or after a certain period of time since using the service. The questionnaires contain various questions on the quality of the service, staff attitude, facilities and other factors. Users can complete the questionnaire online.

Client management

By keeping a record of clients and their details in the system, providers can avoid having to fill in details repeatedly for repeat bookings. The system remembers these details and providers can easily use them for future bookings. This not only makes the booking process easier for providers, but also for clients who do not have to keep repeating the same information. Managing clients and records also allows providers to get an overview of how often clients use their services, and thus better plan their offers and services.

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