Reservatic - global time management platform

Reservatic provides an online appointment reservation system for all service sectors of the population. Each service has its different needs. One of the great advantages of the entire Reservatic team is the fast and responsive solution of clients' requirements for the development of new functions that improve the entire system.

Reservatic - global time management platform

One frustrating thing that everyone has experienced at least once in their life

We would like to give you one example that we believe everyone has experienced at least once in their life. 

Do you consider yourself as a person who is aware of personal health? If your answer is yes, you certainly visit your doctor for regular medical checks once a year. You probably call your doctor ahead so he/she knows you will be coming. As soon as the call is finished, the doctor would talk to a nurse about the phone call so your appointment is marked down to their calendar. Unfortunately, even though you scheduled the appointment, it still does not mean you won't be waiting.

On the day of your appointment, you got off work later than you expected. You realized that you don't have enough time to make it on time to your doctor, but you also knew that your doctor is normally pretty busy so it would be hard to make an appointment next time. The only chance you had is to rush to your car as fast as you possibly could and drive insanely fast. After several minutes of finding a parking spot, you ran upstairs to the waiting room, and the first thing you heard from the nurse was: "Please, sit down and wait." 

So, on the way there you could have got a speed ticket or killed yourself. Much worse scenery, you could have killed someone else if you drove recklessly. The question is: why should you be waiting if you reserved an appointment? Why should you pay for managerial mistakes? Your time is valuable and could be spent with family rather than with other patients. 

The same situation happens very often not only in healthcare but also in other industries like hairdressers, barber-shops, sport and fitness centers, consulting services, government services, automotive industries, and more. Businesses lose their customers and their customers lose time. It is a loss-loss situation for both sides

Reservatic is the solution. Reservatic is an interactive time management platform with notifications that helps businesses and their customers to manage their time more effectively and efficiently. This platform offers options to reserve, postpone, cancel, and reschedule appointments. Reservatic eliminates tedious waiting, reduces costs and increase revenues, as well as eliminates the stress of businesses' employees and their customers. 

If you are a business owner, manager, or an employee who would like to provide their clients with advanced tools, you can try completely Free package. Your clients will just download free app through the AppStore or GooglePlay, and can start making appointments to your service. If you have any questions, please, contact us via email 

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