Benefits for users
Benefits of being a registered user

After creating a user account, you don't have to enter your personal details and contact information over and over again each time you make a booking. These details are already stored in your account and all you have to do is log in. Your user account also allows you to easily see and manage all your current and past bookings. If your plans change and you need to change your booking date or time, you can easily do this online. Changing your reservation online is much faster and more convenient than making a phone call or visiting in person. Another advantage of online bookings is the ability to add favourite items to your list. This list can be useful for visitors who frequently use the same services or visit the same places. When an item is added to the list, there is no need to search for it again. Some service providers also allow reservations only for registered users.

I have a company and I want clients to order for free online.

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I have a company and I want clients to order for free online - picture
For people who do not want to wait in lines. Tereza and Adéla use the Reservatic system.