Card payments online!

Reservatic provides an online appointment reservation system for all service sectors of the population. Each service has its different needs. One of the great advantages of the entire Reservatic team is the fast and responsive solution of clients' requirements for the development of new functions that improve the entire system.

Card payments online!

For your convenience we have prepared a new feature in the form of payment by card!
We want Reservatic users to be the most satisfied ones! That's why, in these difficult times, we are coming up with an innovation that will make booking not only a bit more convenient but also more secure!

Everyone has had the experience of making an appointment for a paid service and discovering on the spot that they don't have enough cash and that there is no payment terminal for card payments.

That's why we've come up with an online payment option, via GoPay, to prevent these situations. At the same time, it is a very safe way of payment that can protect the health of all of us.
So you can use a payment gateway for all your payment transactions and avoid unnecessary complications.

You can conveniently set it up via Reservatic in the Basic Information - GoPay Active Payment Gateway section and then follow the instructions.

You can then choose where to enable card payments for each transaction.

Choosing this payment method is simple. After confirming the selection of the action in the second step, the client chooses the form of payment "Payment by card", the page then automatically redirects to the payment gateway.

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