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Why use Reservatic
in healthcare?

Are you doctor who does not want his patients to wait?
Are you disgruntled when a patient is late, and thus your schedule becomes suddenly disorganized?
Do you like to work and use new technologies?
Have you ever wished to have total control over your appointments?
Do you need to solve time discrepancies in case when you or your client is unpunctual? Use our working schedule to be more effective and efficient.
These are reasons why you should use Reservatic. Online platform for all doctors created by doctor.

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Why use Reservatic
in government departments?

Government departments are slowly changing too.
Today, people can manage paperwork faster using online services. Reservatic allows you to facilitate your work through interactive platforms
in which managing all clients and reservations become simple and easy.
Additionally, Reservatic allows you to react on sudden time changes in your schedule as well as changes in your client‘s schedule.
Statistics shows you how to plan your week effectively.
Reservatic represents work without stress. It is the system of a new generation.

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Reservatic and sport

Sports have never been so technologically based as they are nowadays. Reservatic opens calendars of sport centers and their trainers to professional athletes and also to all sports enthusiasts. Reservatic fills available training spots efficiently and strategically, so it saves time to all athletes. In addition, this reservation platform keeps athletes calm so they can stay focused on what really matters: their training! In this scenario, winners are at both sides – sport centers as well as their athletes.

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Why use Reservatic
in barber shops?

Does high rent force you to squeeze more clients in one hour? When you are late due to a busy schedule,
your clients must wait which makes them unsatisfied. On the other hand, when your clients are late, you are losing revenue. Reservatic solves these disrepancies.
Reservatic helps you manage your busy schedule.
A calendar is completely free for you, as well as for your clients.

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To car repair shop
directly from your phone

Do you have to wait in long lines for winter and normal tire changes every year?
Have you ever experienced a flat tire at night?
What did you do? Via Reservatic, you can easily find open auto services around your location and get navigation details,
allowing you to go straight on bottle jack and get your tire fixed.
With Reservatic, time is saved in an optimal fashion.

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