Reservatic in hospitals - pilot project

Reservatic provides an online appointment reservation system for all service sectors of the population. Each service has its different needs. One of the great advantages of the entire Reservatic team is the fast and responsive solution of clients' requirements for the development of new functions that improve the entire system.

Reservatic in hospitals - pilot project

The aim of the mobile application Reservatic is to create a modern, flexible system of reservation all types of services. Reservatic however, it offers a completely unique priority that no one else. That is the online orders solutions for healthcare facilities. "I know we went through the most difficult," says the author of the idea of ​​this project MD. Otakar Lucák, "but if we can succeed among health professionals, then it is certain that the startup will have green everywhere."

Czech health care hyperbole can be compared to the famous literary character Jackyl and Hyde. On the one hand, and high expertise in the world hardly comparable system availability and quality of care, and on the other, dark side, rigid and outdated ordering system, planned patients in the waiting herd role.

But every coin has two sides. The second is the part of patients and the healthcare system accommodating different ways abuses. Nothing is ever completely white and completely black. This also applies in this case.

Reservatic is historically the first to come up with a solution to a system of order to simplify, clarify and set it as a mutually accommodating. So to build mutually beneficial and equal position of both healthcare professionals and patients. This Internet application positively balances the roles of both parties.

Presentation Reservaticu in professional medical circles met with very positive response. For private health facilities not surprising. "Personally, I was surprised but very positive interest in improving services for patients and from government health facilities," says Otakar Lucák. It's a sure sign of the changing overall consideration of the healthcare sector.

The result of all these meetings was the approval of a pilot project. In selected hospitals they are Suggesting two specialized ambulance, which since May 2016 starts using reservačního outpatient ordering system - Reservatic. The patient will be able to from their computer, tablet or smartphone perform a free subscription to the examination, inspection, sampling and so on. Dates will be able to advance to modify, cancel, and possibly in time advising his absence, if such a situation arises. Medical device using Reservaticu gets the opportunity to warn their patients ordered to change the time of reservation, relaxed deadlines and other services.

Reservatic at the beginning of their journey. And so over time it will automatically notify you of upcoming deadlines regular inspections, preventive examinations, sampling and planned eg. Vaccinations.

We live in a modern computer era. It would be a shame not to use it for their needs and improved our lives. It's a pity to waste time hanging around after the outpatient waiting rooms. Reservatic saves time. The time that we will never return. As a tool saves time and health professionals and allows them to better organize their work depending on your orders.

Reservaticu goal is clear. The smile on the faces of patients and health professionals.

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For people who do not want to wait in lines. Tereza and Adéla use the Reservatic system.