What is Reservatic?

Reservatic is an online booking system. A system for booking services through computer applications of high quality. The goal is mutual benefit and time optimizing the customer and the service provider. At the same time saves customers time. Application allows standard ordering site, type and date of services that can be interactively edit and modify. The application is in basic versions for both the customer and the service provider's completely free!

What browsers support Reservatic?

We support the newer versions of Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox and Google Chrome. As a basic requirement is to turn on cookies and Javascript support, which is now an absolute standard. The application is available on modern mobile phones - from smartphones and tablets. The Service Provider is available for this computer version of the program.

How to register in the system Reservatic?

Simply. Just click on Register and fill out the required information. After filling out the required information will be sent to your email information on how to proceed. To the service you can log in and through social networks Facebook or Google+. Sign up for free!

What Reservatic offers its users?

Reservatic is constantly evolving and a number of tools and functions will continue to grow and improve. After logging into the system, simply locate the service you are looking for. In the statement, you will see the services that are currently selecting. If you want to order, fill in the details, eg. Name of your service provider's name or the name and the date on which you want the service order. Of course there is a search function that service in your area.

Why is the system for users of Reservatic free?

Reservatic is primarily to prevent wasted time while waiting for service. Free and free access to this service allows the service to try and use on a wider scale. Any comments and suggestions to improve the system, you can always send our contact. We respond quickly and we are glad for any feedback.

You can not log into the system?

Make sure you've entered your data correctly (email or password). Sensitive system recognizes. When logging careful if you have CAPS LOCK key. There could be a problem when you register and then log into the system.

Did you forget the password?

In case you forgot your password, you can use the "Forgot Password?". This functionality is available in the login window. Email us at which you can be sent information about changing your password.

You can be forgotten password emailed?

For security reasons it is not possible to send a forgotten password via email. Password you can regenerate the entry form.

What safeguards are in communication with the system?

At this point, communication is possible only via an encrypted HTTPS with strong certificate.

They entered data backed up?

Yes, every day is an automatic backup of the entire system on a separate external data storage device that can be used if necessary to return the data to its original state. At the same time there are incremental backups of data several times a day. In case you need to make individual data recovery is the act charged based on time-consuming.

How secure servers and where they are located?

The servers are located in secure data center SuperHosting.cz in Prague. All data is replicated to the backup repository physically separated so as to ensure maximum data against loss. Individual servers are then regularly checked prophylactically, in terms of both hardware and software terms.

You have created a manual?

A printed manual is currently being prepared. The entire system is available contextual help. Any further questions can be sent via technical support - links can be found directly in the application.

You plan to integrate with other systems?

We have to integrate mobile applications that you can download for free. For Google Play Android and iPhone App Store.