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General terms and conditions

1. The computer application © is a unique system delivering completely new centralized reservation administration of provided services via the computer application

The computer application © offers an opportunity to save time to its clients – business providers and their customers.

2. Reservatic s.r.o. is the owner and system provider of the computer reservation application © and its related products for mobile devices. Reservatic s.r.o. is located in Ostrava-Pustkovec, Technologicka 372/2, 708 00, Czech Republic, company ID number: 017 98 715 (hereinafter referred to as ,,System Provider“).

3. The computer application © can be used by legal entity or legal person, who both have rights to conclude a contract with applicable laws concerned, via (“Users” or “User”). For this purposes, the System Provider may require to prove the following: (i) identification number (ii) contact information (iii) other personal data.

4. By using mobile reservation application ©, Users fully agree with The General Business Terms & Conditions of (“GBTC”) and also unreservedly accepts all terms & conditions provided in this document.

5. With regard to personal data protection, the System Provider acts to, according to the law no. 127/2005Sb, on electronic communications, and the law no. 101/2000Sb, protect personal data. In addition, the System Provider undertakes not to edit the User’s account and/or monitor this account.

The User agrees with the use of personal data by the System Provider, specifically for the purpose of execution of the rights and duties originating from the purchase contract, for the purpose of administration of the User account and for the purpose of sending information and business communication to the User.

The provider is entitled to appoint a third party to proces the User’s personal data.

The personal data shall be stored for unlimited time. The personal data shall be processed in an electronic form in an automatized way or in a printed form in an un-automatized way.

All data necessary for registration and licensing the Services serve only for internal purposes of the System Provider, who commits to properly protect the data and not abuse it in anayway, in particular especiallly not providing the data to third parties without the User’s prior consent and not using the data in a greater capacity than necessary for providing own Services and obtaining payments for them.

All provided data and data created by the User shall be permanently blocked in the system upon cancellation of the registration for Services ©.

The System Provider commits not to forward or enable access to your User data, with the exception of requested cooperation by government departments or organs involved in criminal investigations based on valid legal laws and regulations.

Should the User request information about his personal data processing, the System Provider is obliged to provide the User with such information. Based on the previous sentence, the System Provider, for having provided such information, is entitled to claim adequate reimbursement not exceeding the nesessary cost for providing such information.

Contact us for more information on personal data protection.

6. To minimize abuse of personal data, the System Provider strictly uses encrypted SSL certification.

7. By using mobile reservation application © and based on the GBTC, the User guarantees to provide true, accurate, actual and full information. Also, the User agrees to regularly update all information in order to maintain the level of accuracy and veracity of the previously provided data. In addition, the User accepts the primary responsibility over the access to his/her user’s account in mobile reservation application © including logging and password data, and the User is acknowledged that the User is responsible and in charge of all activiy connected to the User account.

8. The GBTC modifies the relationship between the System Provider and the User. No third party is authorized to use this contract for its own purposes.

9. The System Provider protects data against the loss by backing up data at physically separated storages.

10. The System Provider bears no responsibility for any obligations or claims arrising from the loss or misuse of storaged data.

11. The User is obliged to protect his/her user account information against loss and misuse.

12. The System Provider bears no responsibility for any obligations, claims, or losses caused by the User providing his/her information to a third party, or providing the User‘s private information to other Users.

13. The System Provider reserves the right to monitor the total number of records and data that are used by the User of © in order to gather all necessary data for statistical purposes offered as a service by ©.

14. The User agrees with the use of cookies on his/her computer. The character of the Services provided for by the Provider does not enable him to provide the Services without the use of cookies. In addition, the System Provider the use of cookies under Principles of the use of cookies.

15. The proprietary rights and confidential information

a) The computer application of reservation system contains the proprietary rights and confidential information protected by valid laws about intellectual property rights and its related laws and legislatives, namely by copyrights, rigths related to patents, trademarks, trade names or other rights and laws. © does not permit anyone to edit, temporarily lease, borrow, sell, distribute, or develop primarly services or its related services without written permission issued by © owners.

b) The System Provider rejects to receive any additional confidential information of the User, except the personal data needed during the registration process that were provided and accepted by the User.

c) The intellectual rights, industrial rights, and all related rights included in texts, documents, images and other materials used in application connected with © are proprietary of the System Provider, Reservatic s.r.o.

d) Reproduction and/or printing documents, materials and other related information about this system via flash drives or other storage devices, or passing information to any third party in order to steal, duplicate, unannunciatedly distribute or misuse all obtained information, is possible only if no damage or any type of loss is incurred to the propietary owner and/or there will be no breach in laws or breach of the GBTC.

16. Reproduction of any part and/or whole system of © is strongly prohibited. Any part or whole system of © may not be sold for any other purposes and without written permission of owners. If any breach of sentences above is detected, the System Provider is entitled to receive a financial compensation.

17. The conditions of use © system

The User undertakes not to use the computer application © in ways other than it is authorized. In case of non-compliance with these conditions and requirements, this will lead to limitations and/or interruptions of system operation.

The User undertakes to comply with the following:

a) The User agrees to use for and only its main purposes. The User will not use © to spread any type of vulgar, racist, threatening opinions or any other sexistic, offending, unethical, pornographic material which are meant to restrict fundamental rights or freedom of an individual.

b) In no case, the User is allowed to use © materials and other documents in order to infringe the proprietary rights of Reservatic owners or cause any damage to the reservation system of Reservatic s.r.o., including the intellectual rights, confidential materials or trade secrets of © and also to rights of third parties.

c) The User will not act threateningly , or induce nuisances to the System Provider, other Users, nor third parties.

d) The User, who does not own the proprietary rights of ©, will not publish or share Reservatic s.r.o. materials or other documents without written permission of Reservatic owners.

e) The User will not use reservation system © for dissemination purposes and/or for promotion purposes that will conflict with or endanger functionality and security of website and its mobile applications including attempts to break or overcome security of ©.

f) The User is responsible to comply with the laws and other regulations relating to import, export and transfer of products, services, software, personal and technical data regardless of other jurisdictions, the nationality and/or residence of an individual.

g) The User acknowledges that all activities executed on third parties through the computer reservation system © and its mobile applications, including payments, products and service delivery, agreed terms, further guarantess and other activities are exclusively between the User and his/her customers. Reservatic is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from any activities or operations.

18. Termination of the usage and service provision of ©

The User is entitled to terminate his/her existing contracts with the System Provider:

a) In case of paid packages of © , the User is entitled to terminate all existing contracts without providing any reasons by not paying for Reservatic services for next invoice term.

b) In case of proven misconduct made by the System Provider, the User is entitled to receive a proportional refund of previously paid services. In addition, the User is entitled to receive refund in case that indicates non-fulfillment of a specific service or in case of frequent and unexpected technical difficulties. This right is the subject to review by ©. © also reserves the right to dismiss or accept a request.

The System Provider is entitled to terminate the existing contracts with the User:

a) The System Provider is entitled to terminate the existing contracts with the User:

b) In case if the User fails to meet the financial agreements.

19. All © Users agrees to use © at their own risk.

20. The System Provider bears no responsibility for any obligations or claims arising from using system ©, and/or any financial loss, irreparable damage or injury to other Users (legal entity, legal person, or third parties).

21. The System Provider bears no responsibility for any loss and/or misuse of stored data and all related damage.

22. The System Provider has the right to modify “The General Business Terms & Conditions” of ©. The current version of The General Business Terms & Conditions are permanently available on

23. The validity of The General Business Terms & Conditions of © mentioned above, version 2/2016, starts on 29 November 2016.